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Fatima Fatir: Divine Feminine of Islam

Years before on the night of my Sufi initiation, I had dreamed of Fatima who initiated me in the Mundus Imaginalis, or the Imaginal World.

I dreamed I had entered the sacred precincts of the Ka'aba, in Mecca, on a Night of the Full Moon and there was no one there but me. The doors of the Ka'aba suddenly opened up and a female voice bade me to enter the inner sanctum of the Ka'aba. I entered the Ka'aba and there seated dressed in emerald green and wearing a white headdress, with the words Al-Hayy, translated as “the Living” written in Arabic on the headdress, was Fatima.

She bade me to sit in front of Her and then commanded me to open my mouth. Laying next to Her was the double-edged sword of 'Ali, Zu'l-Fiqar. I opened my mouth and She grabbed my tongue and pierced it with Zu'l-Fiqar. Instead of pain, however, I felt ecstasy and was transported in the next scene of the dream to a dazzling desert landscape whose sands consisted of flakes of pure lustrous gold. I stood in this desert watching the Sun rise and as the Sun rose Fatima's face shone from within it fully unveiled. The higher this Imaginal Sun rose to its meridian, the more it formed itself into various shapes and forms, until it finally became the World Tree, the Tree of Life, or the Tree of Reality as I call it, whose roots reached into every expanse of Heaven and earth. I woke up! It was such a vivid dream I can never forget it!

- Wahid Azal, Fatimiyya Sufi Order

Fatima tul Zehra (Fatima the Radiant, Fatima the Brightest Star, Fatima-Star of Venus, Fatima-The Evening Star), the daughter of the Prophet, is the secret in Sufism.

She is the Hujjat of 'Ali. 

In other words, she establishes the esoteric sense of his knowledge and guides those who attain to it. Through her perfume, we breathe paradise. 

Fatima (the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad) was considered to come from the level of angels. She is considered by many Muslims as divine in origin and several variations of a major hadith describe how she was conceived on the night of Mi'raj (ascension). On this night Gabriel took Muhammad to Jerusalem and then to Heaven. She grew up motherless like me and then she died at a very young age( perhaps unnaturally)  because patriarchy could not accept that she was Prophet's spiritual heir. 

The process of giving birth to the spirit is the feminine principle. That to which has been given birth is the masculine. 'This is why, in spiritual transformation and rebirth, only the masculine principle can be born, for the feminine principle is the process itself. Once birth is given to the spirit, this principle remains as Fatima, the Creative Feminine, the Daughter of the Prophet, in a state of potentiality within the spirit reborn.

Lady Fatima (as) has various names near Allah (Exalted Be His Name), they are: 

  • Fatima (Aleiha Assalam) 

  • Siddiqah (the honest) 

  • Al-Mubarakah (the blessed one) 

  • Al-Tahirah (the pure) 

  • Az-Zakiyah (the chaste) 

  • Ar-Radhiatul Mardhiah (she who is gratified and who shall be satisfied) 

  • Al-Mardiyyah (the one pleasing to Allah ) 

  • Al-Muhaddathah (a person other than a Prophet, which the angels speak to) 

  • Az-Zahraa (the splendid) 
  • Fatir ( the createrix) 

However, others, who must keep their beliefs prudently concealed; know the Prophet Muhammad's daughter as 'Fatima Fatir'. I met them in Washington DC and they opened me to receive the mysteries of her station. 

Though she was his daughter, the Prophet Muhammad called her Um Abi'ha (mother of her father).

What mystery was the Prophet hinting at by this statemen

While Fatima Zehra was Muhammad's daughter, the Rasulallah (Prophet of God — Muhammad) understood that his gnosis was bestowed upon him from the Divine Feminine source.As such, Fatima is directly associated with Sophia, the divine wisdom, which gives birth to all knowledge of God. She has thus become another symbolic equivalent of the Great Mother.

Lady Fatima was chosen from all women to be The Mother source of Muhammad's lineage, the core of the generation of Muhammad. Through her, the progeny of the Prophet multiplies — through a woman. 

She is considered to be the source of the Imam's wisdom because she is lawh mahfuz or 'the hidden tablet; upon which God has written.

It is said by some Sufis that there is another great secret regarding Fatima. After the Prophet's death, Fatima lived seventy-five days. During this time the Archangel Gabriel came to her and consoled her by telling her what her father was doing in the spiritual worlds, what his status was, and what would come about in the Islamic community after her death.

 Imam 'Ali wrote down what Fatima dictated to him. Her words were collected into what is known as Fatima's book: it contains what makes people need us and makes us in need of no one,' stated Imam Sadiq.

When you are alone, feel helpless and oppressed by a man tormenting you --- call upon her by feeding to an orphan for 10 days. Legend says, that after 10, 30, and 60 days ---she would appear on your dream and heal your soul from despair. Laila tul qadar is her night, sufi's believe she is Qadr and calling out to her can guarentee redemption.

She is the helper of the alone woman; the grieving mother and the suffering daughter be cause she has been all three: she lost her mother as a child: she lost her father when quite young and then she lost her sons.

Throughout history,  court paid ulema have tried to prove she was not Prophet's heir or his only daughter and occult keeper of mysteries.

In her life, some people did not even let her inherit her rightful inheritance. ( I can't take their names but the pages of history would reveal them) . So much was the envy of her station, that her funeral was in the dark of the night and attended by very few because a heavily attended burial would have been a cause for insecurity for men had become guardians of her father's message.

Her sons were martyred; her daughter lved alone atop a mountain and descendents of Yazid still try to bomb her shrine.
She who was Prophet's heart; the person he loved most n the world ----- and yet was not even buried next to him: she lies in an unmarked grave where you can't even pray there because the cursed cult occupying Mecca is afraid of her reverence. They have a sentry stationed at her grave so noone can stop and pray there. 

But she will be revered till all the Muslims has not become Isis robots because she is the personification of divine feminine of Islam. 

She is the soul of the mysteries!

The wife of the door to all the unknowable!

The mother of the king of martyrs!

She contains multitudes within her!

Ponder upon her life and your heart would open!

Send blessings to her and she would light up your dark nights and perfume your solitude.

Call her when the world of men pushes you down; they took her inheritance & her place in history but they could not stop millions from calling out to her in pain. 

And if you ever get a chance, visit her grave and say Fatiha for Fatima Fatir!

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